Untapped system to win clients like clockwork


Hey Engineer,

I’ve been using this untapped system to win clients like clockwork for months.

I’ve tested every method of lead generation in the last 3 years to find a system that is authoritative, non-spammy and actually effective at converting high value clients.

And this is the best yet. For 3 reasons:

  • You don’t need a huge audience

  • Prospects literally diagnose themselves

  • You get all the data you need to read prospect’s minds

It uses these clever things called ‘Scorecards’.

I made this quick training video to show you how I’ve been using them.

(I’m not sponsored, I just want you to know how good this is).

Watch below to find out:

  • Why scorecards are the best way to generate leads

  • How we promote scorecards for consistent lead flow

  • How to turn leads into clients with ease

If you want you can try Scorecards out for free you can here:


If you liked this, you’re gonna love what I have for you next.

See, these Scorecards are just one cog in the 6 figure lead generation machine I’ve built on LinkedIn over the last 4 years.

I have a thorough, but very simple, 6 part model for winning high value clients.

Quick overview:

  • Position yourself as the go-to authority

  • Build an offer clients can’t reject

  • Create a 6 figure profile

  • Build your content machine

  • Engage directly with key profiles

  • Create and nurture leads into clients

And for the first time ever I’m sharing this system, which I call, The Influence Engine.

All 6 phases

Laid out step by step

With plug and play templates + funnels

So you can turn Linkedin into a 6 figure sales machine.

I’ve done all the testing, failing, learning so you don’t have to (and winning lol), to then put my WHOLE system into a format you can literally pick up and copy into your business.

I’m making it publicly available on Wednesday, but wanted to give you lovely lot an opportunity to get in first (at an 80% discount)

This will only be available for the first 20 people, so move fast (3 already taken).

Want in?

See you inside?