If I lost it all…

This paradigm shift changed my life

Hey Engineer,

Recently, I had a realisation that has changed my life forever.

It sounds kinda arrogant tbh, but it’s actually very empowering and meant with the most humility:

I will NEVER struggle to generate business again.

Any business that I start in future won’t struggle for clients. I can’t see a world where I don’t make it work. Even if I lost it all today and had to start again.

It’s a crazy position to be in, but it’s because I spent 3 years learning how to:

  • Position myself (and others) as an authority

  • Craft offers that are easy to say yes to

  • Generate leads that WANT to buy

And after years of trying, I’ve got a system.

(Sidenote - I learnt those things by investing $$$ into my own development, surrounding myself with smart people and being willing to test things out)

It’s an amazing feeling because it’s like a weight off my shoulders. I can execute on all other areas of the business knowing that I can always dial up and turn on the new business tap if I need to (pro tip: always have the tap on).

It’s a feeling I want you to have as well. I thought it would be ridiculous of me NOT to share this knowledge, so I’ve spent the last 6 months organising it into a system that you can literally pick up and apply to your business instantly.

The Influence Engine program takes you through everything I’ve done to make 6 figures from LinkedIn every year, including:

  1. Mastering Authority

  2. Building An Irresistible Offer

  3. Crafting A High Converting Profile

  4. Building Influence With Content

  5. Engaging Directly With Your Prospects

  6. Nurturing Connections Into Clients

You can check out more details here, but the main thing you really want to know is that it’s currently $106/month, going up to $500/month after the first 20 members (we’re at 7 at the time of writing), and I’m so confident in it that if you implement everything and don’t get a lead from LinkedIn in the next 6 months I’ll refund everything and give you lifetime access for free.

I’d love to build this system with you and show you that winning new business without desperately spamming your network is in fact possible.

See you inside?