The Keys To Industry Domination: Authority Positioning

Your competitors are too lazy to do this...

Hey Engineers,

In the next 3 minutes I’m going to give you the keys to unlocking industry domination.

(And I promise your competitors are too lazy to do this…)

The keys are in something called Authority Positioning.

It’s the first pillar of every successful personal brand.

It’s the single biggest differentiator between those who profit from their personal brand and those that never make a penny.

And it’s important because The Messenger Matters.

What I mean by that is this,

Who says something matters just as much as much as what they said

Think about it…

If Pep Guardiola tells you how to play football, you’re more inclined to listen that if the same advice comes from Dave from the pub.

In a similar vein…

You’re likely to listen to Leonardo DiCaprio about acting

You’d take Sade’s advice on singing timeless hits

(inside scoop into my music taste there)

Anyway… the point is this.

Trust is at an all time low.

If you want people to really listen and act on your messages, you have to show them that you are credible and worth listening to.

But how?

There are three parts to it:

  1. Your Audience - who you serve

  2. Your Value Proposition - how you serve them

  3. Your Credibility - proof that you are good at this thing

You need all three things to effectively position yourself as an authority.

You can start to tackle this trifecta by asking yourself these questions:

  • Who are your audience and what are they suffering from?

  • What does their ‘Utopia’ look like and how can you get them there?

  • Why are you best place to be the person that guides them there?

Spend time on these answers.

They’re the foundation underpinning the rest of your brand.

Here’s my example for inspiration (condensed for newsletter readability):

  • My audience are B2B business leaders who know they have a great product but don’t have the necessary systems to build the reputation they deserve and acquire customers at will.

  • Their Utopia is a world where they are opportunity magnets - they’re constantly generating leads, being asked to speak on stage, to consult, without having to spend hours spamming people with cold approaches. I help them get there by turning them into their industry’s go-to thought leader.

  • I’m best placed to do this because I’ve done it for 130 other leaders, focusing on strategic positioning rather than unstructured virality (like the rest of the industry) and have built a $70K+ MRR agency by 24 doing it.

Nail these three things and it becomes crystal clear to your audience why they have to work with you.

The possibilities from there are endless…

  • More leads

  • Higher conversion rates

  • Higher fees (you can charge 13x more)

  • Speaking engagements

  • PR features

I could go on…

So remember:

To build a wildly profitable personal brand and become your industry’s go-to authority you need to show why people should listen to (and ultimately buy from) you.

Over the next couple weeks, I’ll dive into the next 2 phases of becoming a thought leader with personal branding.

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