How Industry Leaders Amplify Authority

What you don’t realise about the best personal brands.

Hey Engineer,

There’s something you don’t consciously realise about the leaders in your industry.

But it subconsciously positions them as credible, authoritative and influential.

Because to be honest with you, producing content on social media can only take you so far.

The great thing about social media is that anyone can post.

The problem with social media is that anyone can post

By posting on social media alone, your credibility is limited.

(Anyone can do it, after all, even if they’re not at the forefront of their industry)

So you need a way to share content through channels not everyone can access.


Digital media.

  • Appear on podcasts

  • Land PR features

  • Write guest blogs

The thing with these is that not everyone is ‘worthy’ of featuring in them.

The Diary of a CEO only shares the best stories.

Forbes only interview the top 1% of entrepreneurs.

Wall Street Journal only publishes articles by thought leaders.

Sounds harsh, but it’s true.

By appearing in top podcasts, blogs and publications, you immediately transfer their authority onto yourself.

For example, after I appeared on Sky News discussing personal branding with Ian King, my reputation as a thought leader was instantly heightened.

Whenever I re-share snippets of the interview, the calibre of client we attract in the weeks after is noticeable elevated.

The takeaway:

When you land these features, not only do you expose yourself to pre-built, targeted audiences in the hundreds of thousands, but you also position as some ‘worth interviewing’.

See if you can build PR into your current authority building plan.

Next week I’m going to share how I monetise the attention and influence I’ve built online and how you can too.

Speak soon,


ps. Here are a few ways I might be able to help you:

1. Building a Personal Brand. We’ve built over 130 at Kurogo!

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