Building a 6 Figure LinkedIn Profile

Anyone could generate leads with this structure.

Hey Engineer,

It’s been a while… But for good reason. I’ve been working tirelessly for over 6 months on my most valuable project yet - and it’s nearly ready. I might be giving you all the keys to generating 6 figures a year on LinkedIn. Might… 👀 

I’ll be formally announcing it next week and giving you exclusive access as a valued Influence Engineer.

But in the meantime… here’s snippet of what I’ll be sharing to wet your appetite.

The 6 Figure Profile strategy I use to convert clients from LinkedIn with ease.

This 14 minute video will show you:

  • How to get people from your posts → your profile

  • They 5 keys every high converting profile needs

  • The simple fixes that will 10X your authority

  • EXACTLY how I structure my profile to generate leads

  • The subtle psychology of lead generating profiles

I’ve been using this profile strategy for a year now, and it’s brought in hundreds of thousands in revenue, with new leads every month. I’m sharing it now so you can do the same and we can win together 🤝 

Back next week (with the big announcement)

Speak soon,


ps. If you’ve got guesses on next week’s announcement, hit reply. I’ll run a free LinkedIn Q&A for anyone that gets it right.