5 Exercises To Build An Authoritative Mindset

The new way to win clients (without being slimy)


Wanted to send this bonus edition to share 5 thought exercises you can run to develop and more authoritative approach to new business.

Because let’s be honest, spam and hope ain’t a strategy.

And it feels awful.

Thankfully, there’s a new way to grow your business that doesn't feel… slimy.

With these 5 exercises, you’ll develop an authoritative mindset and smooth approach to growth.

Try them this weekend:

Exercise 1: Dream 100

(Credit to Oliver Duffy-Lee)

Imagine you only had 100 prospects you could ever win again.

How would you treat them differently?

Treat all your prospects like that.

Exercise 2: Referrals Only

(Credit to Alex Hormozi)

Imagine you could only get new clients from your existing client base.

How would you treat them differently?

Treat all your clients like that.

Exercise 3: Act like a consultant

The best salespeople don’t sell.

They consult.

They listen, diagnose and prescribe.

The prospect buys because they trust them.

How could you shift from ‘selling’ to ‘consulting’?

Exercise 4: Create a category

(Credit to Category Pirates)

Name, frame and claim a unique & differentiated POV.

You create a ‘category’ and avoid The “Better” Trap

You have no competition and never have to market again.

Think about what Category you can own…

Exercise 5: “How I” not “How To”

Your content should show how YOU did something.

No one wants to be told How To.

They don’t know whether to trust you.

Before if you show you’ve done it…

Suddenly they can’t refute you.

Write a post next week with the ‘How I’ frame.

Hope these help!

Speak soon,


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