5 Content Levers You Can Pull To Profit From Every Post

Start making $$$ through your content

Hey Engineer,

Do you get frustrated when you see other people posting content with objectively less value than yours and getting 10x more engagement?

It feels like watching your uglier, less successful friend nabbing the girl of your dreams because he’s a bit more charismatic.

Unfair. And a hit to the ego.

I hate it too.

Well, that was until I figured out why posts with less value than mine were performing better.

After writing nearly 10,000 pieces of content in the last 4 years, I discovered the way to make high-value content engaging.

My secret?

It’s all in the edit.

When you’re unloading value onto the page, you don’t want to disrupt your flow by focusing on how engaging your piece is.

Instead, write fast.

Then edit slow.

And when you edit…

Use the 5 Content Levers.

1. Copy

2. Creative

3. Engagement

4. Emotion

5. Creator

These Content Levers are 5 levers you can pull to improve the performance of your post.

Within each lever, there are a number of ways to improve.

Let’s look at some examples.

Lever 1: Copy

Change the way you write and words you use to hook and hold your audience’s attention.


  • Write a stronger hook

  • Include sub-hooks throughout

  • Shorten sentences

  • Use Languaging

  • Include a CTA

Lever 2: Creative

Make the content more visually appealing.


  • Add an image/video

  • Make your copy easy to skim

  • Use trending formats (e.g. Carousels on LinkedIn)

Lever 3: Engagement

Actually encourage people to engage in your post


  • Start a competition

  • Tag relevant people

  • Collaborate with others

  • CTAs / CTCs (Call to Conversation)

  • Ask follow up questions in the comments

Lever 4: Emotion

Make your reader FEEL something.


  • Joy

  • Shock

  • Anger

  • Humour

  • Empowerment

Lever 5: Creator

Who says something matters just as much as what they said. Get more people to pay attention by showing you’re someone WORTH listening to.

  • Show credibility in the post

  • Include a personal story

  • Leverage your network


Next time you stare at a post wondering how you can improve it, think about how you can use one of the 5 levers:

  1. Copy

  2. Creative

  3. Engagement

  4. Emotion

  5. Creator

Remember: It’s all in the edit.

Now, go grow your audience!

Speak soon,


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