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3 Step Content Strategy For Monetising Your Brand With Authority (simpler than you think)

The only content strategy you’ll ever need.

Hey Engineers,

Last week we broke down how to nail Authority Positioning.

That’s the first pillar of a powerful brand.

The next step is to make it profitable.

You do that by putting authority positioning in front of your target clients at scale.

In doing so, you’ll create the most valuable asset you could wish for:

An audience.



Now, you can’t just post and hope.

You do need a strategy.

Thing is, whenever people hear strategy, they jump to creating something overly complicated because surely complex = better?

You know what happens next - 3 weeks later they can’t stick to it and it’s out the window.

Instead, just follow this 3 part strategy…

Your content should do 3 things:

  1. Get you in front of new audience members (increasing the pool of people you could sell to in the future)

  2. Build trust with those existing audience members (so they’re receptive to sales)

  3. Convert them to the next stage in the buying journey (webinar, lead magnet, newsletter, etc)

Do those 3 things well and you’ll make money from your content…

This leaves us with 3 different types of content we should post:

  1. Top Of Funnel / Awareness Content - to attract new audience members.

  2. Middle Of Funnel / Consideration Content - to build trust with your existing audience.

  3. Bottom Of Funnel / Conversion Content - to turn them into paying clients.

It’s a basic marketing funnel that has worked for decades.

And when you get this right:

  • You’ll become known as a thought leader.

  • You’ll become respected as the authority in your space.

  • You’ll have a constant stream of opportunities that convert at higher prices.

But what should you post at each stage?

This table breaks it down clearly:


  • Generalist topics

  • Targeted at your whole industry

  • That makes it easy for them to engage (engagement drives views)

  • With the goal of growing your audience

  • Measured by views and followers (yup, they matter…)


  • Specialist thought leadership

  • Targeted at your niche within the industry

  • The demonstrates deep knowledge and adds value

  • To nurture your audience and build credibility

  • Measured by engagement RATE


  • Promotional content

  • Targeted at your specific ICP within the niche

  • That makes it a no-brainer for them to take the next step

  • So they convert to an owned audience or lead

  • Measured by the number of sign-ups/leads you’re getting

Stick to these criteria for each content type and you’ll be growing your audience AND your bank account in no time.

I know what you’re wondering.

How often should I post each type?

You should post:

  • 40% TOF content

  • 40% MOF content

  • 20% BOF content

So if you’re posting 5x a week, you’d post 2x TOF pieces, 2x MOF pieces and 1x BOF piece.

You could use this daily breakdown:

Monday → Top of Funnel
Tuesday → Middle of Funnel
Wednesday → Bottom of Funnel
Thursday → Middle of Funnel
Friday → Top of Funnel

And that’s it.

That is all you need to do to build an industry-leading personal brand that actually gets you paid.

Next week we’ll go deeper into the conversion stage so you can put jet fuel into this content system.

If you can’t wait that long, check out the Influence Engine Personal Brand Course.

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